Posted by: cdmmtb | September 19, 2016

CdM Middle and High School Mountain Bike team gearing up for 9th season.

Welcome to the CdM Mountain Bike team website!

CdM has fielded a high school mountain bike team every year since Fall 2008, and beginning in Fall 2014, we added a middle school team as well.

In fact CdM was the first school in Orange County to form a mountain bike team and compete in the SoCal High School Cycling League.

Beginning in February 2009, CdM teachers, parents and community members coached CdM students to compete in the SoCal league’s spring mountain bike race series. In fact the CdM team won the overall championship that year.

And in February 2015 we added a roster of middle school racers to the league’s new (and very popular) middle school race program.

Every spring since, we have participated in the league’s well-organized and fun race series.    2017 will be no different – we’re looking for families who are interested in alternatives to campus-based ball sports.

It’s hard to describe what an amazing experience awaits your student. Sure we’re just riding bikes, but we’re also forming new skills, fitness, friendships and love of outdoors.

Join us!




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