Posted by: cdmmtb | January 24, 2015

Important Race Information for Team Parents

Hello Team Parents!

With the first race just around the corner in Lake Perris (2/21-2/22/15), there are some important topics I want to make sure you are aware of, including some you’ll need to take action on prior to the first race.
Team Dues and Jerseys
If your student intends to race with the team, you’ll need to get your suggested team dues of $100 turned in to Coach May if you haven’t already.   Once this is paid your student will receive their team jersey.
Race Registration
Your racer will need to register using a link sent by e-mail from NICA, the league governing association. Your racer should receive this e-mail directly from NICA. If they haven’t received this e-mail, please let Coach May know ASAP at:
There are two steps to registering:
1. Register for the league (regardless of number of races you plan to attend)
2. Register for one or more races. You can register for races one at a time, or register for them all now.  Your choice.
League and race registration fees are separate from team dues, and cover league admin, race management and insurance.
The sooner you complete this step the better as we will need to verify key racer info and race class placement.
Race Volunteering
At each race, our team will need to step up with volunteers to help manage race day activities.  Duties can include helping with course set-up and tear-down, parking management and more.   The number of volunteers depends on the number of registered racers on our team.   Likely we will need 2-3 parents per race to assist.
Generally speaking, most of the help we provide will be with course tear-down. Course tear-down starts around 3:45PM, or after the last racer has crossed the finish line and prior to the awards.
While we strongly encourage kids and family to stay all day and enjoy the racing action and awards ceremony, some of you may have a conflict. In these cases, it is possible to be assigned other volunteer positions with duties occuring before and during the race.
Team Volunteer Positions
Until we get a count of how many students actually sign up to race, we’ll hold off on team volunteer positions.
Until further notice, assume you’ll need to provide food for your child on race day. This means race food/drink as well as breakfast lunch and snacks.
New parents – race days are long – from 8 am to 5 pm. Bring plenty of food and drinks.
Race Prep
Please carefully review the Race Day Checklist.  If your racer does not have cycling shorts with a chamois seat pad, please make sure they purchase them prior to the first race.  Nothing fancy is needed. They will be much more comfortable on race day!
Pre-Riding the Race Course
We strongly encourage pre-riding the race course whenever practical.   This does wonders for the confidence of new racers. The optimal plan is to pre-ride the course Saturday afternoon ( course is usually open by 1 PM).  The next best plan is to arrive early Sunday morning (by 7 or so) and have your racer complete a slow lap of the course. The goal of pre-riding is to get a feel for the course and learn where the challenges and uphills are.  It is ridden at a mellow pace and parents are invited to ride as well (as long as a waiver has been completed and turned in).
Race Day Info
Pre-registration (before race day) is strongly encouraged. Your teen will be nervous enough as it is and standing in a long line won’t help.  Please arrive at the race venue no later than 8:00 AM Sunday morning  to get your racer’s packet picked up and get your racer and their gear to our team pit.
You are welcome to arrive earlier to get a better parking spot and see all the race action.  Coaches will arrive by 7:30 or so.
Feel free to ask questions!

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