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Corona del Mar HS MTB Team Race Report: Race #5 Cowpie Classic

The usual serious tone of a CdM podium - Race #5. Photo courtesy Phil Beckman

The usual serious tone of a CdM podium – Race #5. Photo courtesy Phil Beckman


What a deceptive food name. On one hand, it conjures up images of warm apples, crisp crust and melting vanilla ice cream. On the other hand, right now somewhere in the world someone is biting into a pie crust stuffed with…kidneys???

Somewhere between these pie-extremes lies the lowly Cowpie.  Not edible by any means, but certainly pie-shaped, and abundantly present at the 5th and last race of the 2013 season.   This is not entirely unexpected, given the large number of bovine roaming the hills and fields of the race site, an active ranch in lovely Los Olivos.

Like all cowpies, they were low (and pretty much covered every inch of ground), but these particular poop patties were doing their best to gain altitude by hitchhiking on the relentless gale-force winds that defined the race experience for CdM and their competitors.  League veterans described the conditions as the windiest race in the 5 year history of the league, and that’s saying something.

Our CdM team sailed into cow country tied for 4th place overall with the El Toro squad.  How would the winds of fate treat them at the final race of the 2013 season?

Reilly and Bianca awaiting the start of their final race of the season

Reilly and Bianca awaiting the start of their final race of the season

Reilly McVey

Reilly brought along some history with cows and mountain biking.  While riding a practice lap before the Keyesville race, she swore she could hear cows mooing somewhere just out of sight. Since none were ever actually seen by witnesses, it’s a mooving mystery to this day.

In Los Olivos, many cows were visible throughout the venue, yet Reilly focused on what was most important – navigating the narrow sidehill trails said bovines had formed over  years of grazing around the ranch.   And as at all the other races she participated in this season, she finished with sheer determination and never quit attitude.

Bianca and Alex chilling before the race start

Bianca and Alex chilling before the race start

Bianca Crocenzi
Our ever-smiling Bianca has certainly proven she’s a tough yet graceful rider and racer this season. Maybe it’s because she’s an avid dancer, a handy skill to have when the winds are swirling and twirling in every direction. She rode the zephyr like a swan, finishing two tough laps and sealing a triumphant rookie season.
Jack on the top step of the podium 5 out of 5 races this season

Jack on the top step of the podium 5 out of 5 races this season

Jack Tucker
Jack came into Race #5 undefeated.  Since every racer gets to drop their worst race result, Jack could have given into the trailnado and cruised to a top 5 finish without jeopardizing his leader jersey. Ever the competitor, he chose to pin it as hard as ever, putting the finishing touch on a flawless shut-out season.

Alex Foster

In Alex’s own words: “Race #5 was the best race for me, it seemed longest, but I felt pretty good during the race. The wind was unbelievable though. Throughout the whole race it was headwind or just unhelpful wind. I was blown off the trail multiple times throughout the whole race – it was really annoying. The trail was great and was full of obstacles and jumps which were all fun. (And I always had one wheel on the ground… of course!) The best part was the halfway marker “the tea” where the smell of good earth tea was potent. I felt like I did a pretty good job in that race and overall it was a great experience.”

Caden Gruber

Caden saddled up at the ranch in second place overall.  This fifth and last race was his opportunity to lasso the coveted first place overall title.   Alas, it wasn’t in the cards for Cadoo this day, but, thanks to his consistent performance all season, he retained his second place title for the season. Not bad for a downhiller in disguise!

James Pflughaupt

This would be James’ last regular season race in the SoCal league. He and his family are relocating to Ohio and the conclusion of the school year.  Just like the other races this season, James sliced and iced with Sean Bell and Daniel Johnson, the “Three Amigos” of the JV D2 class.   It was yet another close call, with Sean beating out James and Daniel by the usual slim margin.  Nevertheless, James’ consistent podium placements all season netted him the winner’s jersey for the season.   James will be missed both as a competitor and friend, and we wish him the best of luck in his new ventures.

James: 2nd JV D2/1st overall for the season

Caden: 6th Sophomore D2/2nd overall for the season

Alex: 18th Sophomore D2/20th overall for the season

Jack: 1st Freshman D2/1st overall for the season

Reilly: 21st Freshman D2/21st overall for the season 

Bianca : 19th overall Freshman Girls/18th overall for the season

Vanessa: DNS/30th overall JV Girls for season 

Total Team Points: 9268/5th place overall for the season!

Official League Race Report


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