Posted by: cdmmtb | May 24, 2012

Great States!

Proud coaches and exhausted racers at the 2012 High School MTB State Championships

Kudos to Shane, Caden and James, the three CdM team members brave and committed enough to journey to the 2012 High School Mountain Bike State Championships!   I’m confident all of them would agree the trip was time well spent for a variety of reasons:

  • Shane completed his last race ever in the SoCal High School Cycling League. Shane is one of 4 graduating seniors in the league who attended every league race held during their high school matriculation.   There were about 80 riders total in the league that first year – over 275 competed in 2012!

    Shane and his teammates from 2009, the first year of SoCal league racing

    Caden was looking to finish his first season in the league with the race of his life, and he delivered.  Caden improved his race times consistently throughout the season against incredibly tough competition. His 12th place finish at States is remarkable given the competition and conditions.   I’m confident he will be back with a vengeance in his sophomore year.

    Caden was all business prior to the race start, and went full out the entire race

    Last but not least, our man James put a bow on a perfect season by winning his race at states with the perfect blend of tactics, strength and courage.   Less than a handful of league racers can boast of a shut-out season, and James is one of only two 2012 Socal racers who went 6 for 6.

    James atop the podium for the sixth time in 2012

    All three racers did their school, teammates, parents and coaches proud!  Well done, men!



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