Posted by: cdmmtb | May 15, 2012

To Everything, There is a Season

Our first season has officially closed, and what a fun one it was! A brand new team, a cool new jersey, new sponsors, new friends, new racers and lots of first-ever race finishes.

Though we didn’t have the biggest team out there, and while we wished for a girl among our ranks (to improve our overall team score),  what each of you did by joining the team for practices and/or races will have an impact for years to come.

Thing is, this isn’t a one year deal or a limited time experiment.

First, it’s about fun, and there is no expiration date on that.

Second, it’s about your health, and moving the needle away from video games and towards the outdoors.

Third, it’s about pioneering high school mountain biking in Orange County. As part of the first school-based team in the Newport Mesa School District, your legacy is assured.

So, well done to one and all. I hope to see everyone who practiced or raced with us come out next year. We need to double our team size and go after the team prizes!

More to come about our post-season party.



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