Posted by: cdmmtb | April 7, 2012

Race Report – Race #3 Keyesville Classic

There were two races held at Keyesville: one versus other kids and one against Mother Nature.  Spectators and racers scanned the skies and weather reports, knowing it was a matter of time before the weather would nasty.  Would all the racers cross the finish line in time?  Or would some end up battling the elements as well as one another?

In the end it was a little of both.  Our Freshmen racers got through their laps relatively unscathed.  In fact, for the early race classes, the course was bone dry and a bit loose in spots.   Where it wasn’t sandy, the track was rutted and rocky, with two steep and technical climbs thrown in to keep everyone honest.

Despite the challenges, our Freshman performed better than ever.  James had a fairly lonely race – with his arch rival Imeh Nsek sitting out this race, James cruised in over 3 minutes ahead of the second place finisher.

Caden enjoyed his best result yet, finishing in the top 10 for the first time against a very tough field.   Caden’s stellar bike handling skills came in handy on this fast and challenging course.

And Alex must love number games, as he’s moved up exactly one position in each of his three races: 20th at Vail, 19th at Hog Canyon and 18th at Keyesville.   At this rate, He’ll be atop the podium in his senior year!

Blue skies were replaced by bruised clouds as Shane and his JV competitors toed the starting line.  The came the rain, and it would fall for the rest of the day.  The previously arid course was quickly transformed into a combination of hero dirt (good) and wet, heavy sand (bad) that fouled chains and crushed spirits.

Shane persevered as always, riding well but suffering a mechanical on the last lap that cost him a position or two.

The other great performance of the day was the amazing and awesome pit zone location and construction masterminded by the parents of the South County Composite Team.  We all had front row seats to the start/finish chute, walled canopies that kept us dry and out of the wind, a dedicated warm-up area and a bunch of grateful kids.


Official league race report:

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