Posted by: cdmmtb | March 14, 2012

Race Report – Hog Canyon Classic

What more can you ask for?  A beautiful day spent in a lush and scenic state park doing what you love.  No, not HOMEWORK, silly.  I’m talking about racing mountain bikes!

Though this was our second race, it was full of firsts:

  • The first time a SoCal league race has been held in a State Park
  • The first mountain bike race ever for Dustin and Michael
  • The (second) First Place for James
I don’t know about you, but I thought the course was one of the funnest I’ve ever ridden.  The climbs were tougher than they appeared, but every one of them was followed by ripping roller coaster slot car descents  – the stuff of dreams.
Compared to race #1, there was quite a bit more climbing on each lap.  Yet all of our returning racers were able to stay very close to or improve their times versus the first race:
Shane: +39 seconds vs. Race #1
James: -35 seconds vs. Race #1
Caden: +43 seconds vs. Race #1
Alex:  +145 seconds vs. Race #1
Patrick: +132 seconds vs. Race #1
And nothing gives your coaches greater pleasure than watching you complete your first ever mountain bike race wearing a smile, so kudos to Dustin and Michael for stepping up to the plate and swinging away.  Job well done!

Not having a girl on our team really handicaps our team score, yet we’re still in 10th place overall after two races.   That speaks volumes about your effort and consistency.

You do your coaches and parents proud.  Keep training, improving and having fun!

Coach Andy

Link to results page

Link to race photos


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