Posted by: cdmmtb | February 29, 2012

Race Report – Race #1 Vail Lake

James, Caden and Patrick relaxing after their race

Congratulations!  You did it!  You, the bold, brave and berm-busting boys had the guts to seek glory along the twisting desert trails of Temecula. Way to go!

Not only was it fun, it was historic as well.  CdM is the first school-based team in the Newport Mesa School District to participate in a SoCal High School Cycling League race, ever.    No one can take this moment of fame away, so enjoy it.

Every one of you rode your hardest and avoided any hard crashes, which is a win no matter what.

And for you first-time racers, extra job well done for managing the start line nerves. Those never go away, of course, but they will diminish.

Your coaches and parents are very proud!

Lots of photos here.

Next up, Hog Canyon Classic!

Here are the race results:

JV Boys D2 (3 laps, 31 racers)

Shane Somerville – 1:20:47  – 10th place

Freshman Boys D2 (2 laps, 33 racers)

James Pflughaupt – 46:12 –  1st place

Caden Gruber – 56:18 – 14th place

Alex Foster – 62:30 – 20th place

Patrick Standel – 64:28 – 25th place


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