Posted by: cdmmtb | January 19, 2012

Start Honing your Training for the Opening Race

The opening race at Vail Lake will be flat  – less than 500 ft. elevation gain per 5.5 mile lap.    Might sound pretty mellow, and it can be if you just want to race for fun.

If you’re interested in a strong showing, however,  treat this race as an off-road time trial, with no opportunity for recovery during the race.  Remember, long grinding climbs and road rides are great for base building, but it’s time to start working in longer max intensity intervals – say 3 x 5 minutes with 5 min rest between at 90-100 RPM.

If you’re short on training time, and have a decent base built up already, then even a half-hour of high intensity intervals is beneficial for boosting your fitness.

Try this:

10 Minute warm up

8 minutes of repeats : 30 seconds max interval (110+ RPM), then 30 seconds off

10 minute cool down

If you’re doing this right, it’ll kick your butt.


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