Posted by: cdmmtb | May 20, 2011

Pre-Season Training Tips

Planning on joining the team and racing next spring?  Awesome!   Some of you might wonder what to do now to  prepare  for upcoming practices and races, especially if you don’t have a bike yet or don’t ride regularly.

Here are a couple options to consider:

  1. Join the CdM Cross-Country Team – many high school mountain bike racers run cross country in the fall.  It builds a great foundation of fitness, gets your joints and muscles accustomed to regular endurance workouts and gives you a taste of competition.   Coach Sumner and staff run an excellent program, and it’s a great way to meet new friends too.
  2. Work Out at Home – if you can’t participate in some type of endurance activity like jogging or swimming or biking, you can work on building your balance, core strength and mobility at home with minimal space, equipment and time.   Mountain biking is a “whole body” activity, and even a modest improvement in strength and coordination will pay off down the trail.  Ask one of the coaches for help creating a program.
  3. Do Nothing – finally, you can choose to do nothing until practices start.   Many newcomers to the league do just that, and end up “racing into shape” during the season.    You’ll probably be slower than your better-prepared competitors, and the first race will be tougher, but as long as you’re OK with that, you’ll have fun anyway.

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