Posted by: cdmmtb | March 5, 2009

Countdown to Race Day – Part 2

The weather forecast for Sunday’s race looks great – sunny skies and high of 65 degrees.   There are a couple things you need to do to prepare for these conditions. 


First, pack your sunscreen – make sure it’s sweatproof and waterproof.  You’ll want to put it on all your exposed skin at least 30 minutes before your start time.  Here’s a tip – don’t apply it to your forehead – it will melt and run down into your eyes which hurts like a mutha.  If you forget, we’ll have some there, courtesy of Team Duke.


Second and perhaps most importantly, drink lots of water and/or other fluids this Saturday.  I know it’s hard to get enough fluids during the school day, but try and remember to hit the water fountain frequently and carry a refillable bottle. On Saturday, though, there’s no excuse – start as soon as you drag your carcass out of bed and get at least a gallon of water down the hatch during the day – for reference, that’s 10 of those ½ liter Arrowhead bottles.  Feel free to substitute juice or even a soda for one or two of those bottles if it helps. 


For you energy drink fans, lay off those on Saturday and Sunday until after your race.  Some of the ingredients can raise your heart rate, and you’ll get enough of that during the race, believe me.  


Speaking of which, each of you will need to bring your own water bottles/camelbak for the race.  If you plan on using water bottles, make sure you have bottle cages installed on your bike!  We’ll have water and sport drink mix available if you need some. 





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